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Do you know Aomori, Japan?
I am in Hachinohe-shi of Aomori.
In a port town, it is the delicious very good town of fishery products.

This website

All is selfish imagination.
But you can buy it if you want it.
The price is expensive

I contribute a part of the sales.

I support their activity
Animal Rock Support




Hachinohe dialect Design

Virtual Hachinohe

Koko de shika miru koto no deki nai hachinohe.
Koko de shika sonzai shi nai hachinohe o anata ni.
Hachinohe that I can look at only here.
Hachinohe that exists only here to you.

Virtual Skateboardshop

The page that designs the brand which does not exist.
But you can buy the product.

I design collaboration using a favorite logo without permission.
Use it if good

watch a photograph, the CG which I made in old days.

What's Up!

Haikei o genki desu ka tōkyō o hanare te ichi nen sugi mashi ta

kimi to hanare sabishi sugi mashi ta

boku ga kurasu kono machi wa mizu mo sakana mo totemo oishiku te

kotoba ga totemo yasashiku te…

My favorite thing


My favorite thing


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Everyone can write, but not everyone is a writer. What makes the difference is the keen eye for detail and beauty.
Web/2D&3DCG/movie CREATOR
The Boarders (Bass)
Love Dog : Westie(West Highland White Terrier)

Tatsuhito Demachi


Graphic Design

Please ask it for a design regardless of a category. The package of the product, a logo design, a character design, textile, various printed matter: (sticker, DVD/CD jacket, handbill / fryer, business card)!

Video Art

The video which I took with much effort on that day which promised a record and happiness of the growth of that scene to remember on that day, child remains that day? Even the material which who photographed is rebeared in the work of the impression.

Web Design

Though I want a homepage, there is no knowledge and wants to more easily manage the ... company homepage! It is trouble solution in such a case on a CMS-style homepage. I operate it simply like I update blog. Because I support it free in LINE, I can run a homepage while learning even what the which does not have the knowledge.